Are You Looking for a Business Opportunity Online? One Site That Has 3 Different Opportunities

If you are reading this then you are probably looking to start a business online. But kind of business opportunity online are you looking for? Turnkey systems are so expensive because all the work is done for you but there is still work that you have to complete. You can’t have the exact same site … Continue reading “Are You Looking for a Business Opportunity Online? One Site That Has 3 Different Opportunities”

If you are reading this then you are probably looking to start a business online. But kind of business opportunity online are you looking for? Turnkey systems are so expensive because all the work is done for you but there is still work that you have to complete. You can’t have the exact same site as everyone else and a lot of work still goes into customizing this business opportunity online. So what are your options?

The best option is to leave your options open. You need a business opportunity online that will teach you not just one but several kinds of businesses. Now many schools and universities will charge you a lot of money just to attend their classes and then charge you for the class itself. It can be very expensive and time consuming. You don’t want to wait to start your business opportunity online. You want to get it going now.

Well thankfully one site has at least 3 different business plans to help you get started. The site is called Wealthy Affiliate and if you have heard of it before you know it’s one of a kind. This site offers not just one business opportunity online but 3…

Opportunity #1: Article Marketing – You probably have already heard about article marketing and know a little about it. The most appealing side to this business is that you can start it for free, test it out and if it doesn’t work you haven’t lost anything. No startup investment makes it a great starter business. Wealthy Affiliate has a lot of tutorials and training for article marketing because it is so popular. Every question you have is already answered on their site.

Opportunity #2: PPC Marketing – PPC marketing is pay per click marketing. This is the most expensive marketing to get into but it is also considered the fasted business opportunity online to make money with. It has a startup cost so to help keep you from losing money Wealthy Affiliate has a large amount of training and tutorials. It also has several tools to help you make the right decisions with less risk.

Opportunity #3: E-mail Marketing – Although this opportunity is usually combined with the other two marketing methods you can do it on its own. It has a small startup cost but it is the business opportunity online that helps create a huge passive income with the other two methods. This opportunity is discussed a lot on the site and has a lot of training.

So which business opportunity online will you choose? I know some people who have chosen all three and are working at home making 6 figure incomes. I know where you are right now, I was there myself and I chose the business opportunity online that was easiest for me to start, so why not start today?

Signs of a Legit Business Opportunity

There are many online business opportunities out there for people to take advantage of them. But, as with anything on the Internet, this is never a guarantee that you will find an opportunity that is actually legitimate. There are some things that can tell you one way or the other. Here are several signs of a legit opportunity on the Internet.

When you find an ad for a business opportunity, it doesn’t always mean that it is an authentic ad for an authentic opportunity. Anyone can buy an ad, and most advertising companies sell the ad space to anyone willing to pay the price. It is not their job to find out if the ad is telling the truth or not. They just care if the bill for the ad is paid.

This opens up the path for a lot of false companies to post ads about false business opportunities. There are signs of these false opportunities, though, that are easy to identify. These characteristics of a legit business have to be there in order to for you to be able to trust a business opportunity.

The first sign of a legit business opportunity you should look for is if it is actually names a company. One that doesn’t name a company is usually an opportunity to be avoided. If the company is named, this doesn’t necessarily mean the opportunity is authentic, though. In order to check this, you can search online for reviews of the company through your search engine to gain any information as to whether the company is real or a scam.

Another thing you can do to see if you are working with a legit business opportunity. Before you apply, send a message asking a question. Make the question very specific about the company or the opportunity that is presented. Look for a couple things in the reply, if one comes, to find out of you really did find a legit business opportunity.

The first thing you will need to look for is not as obvious as some people would think. See if the reply that you receive even has anything to do with the question that you asked. Of course, many people are asking at this point if something that would ever happen. But many companies will send an email thanking you for your application before you even apply. That is how you know it will be a hoax.

Also, make sure that the reply is specific and doesn’t leave you with more questions than you started out with. If you have more questions, than you may be dealing with a scam opportunity. If the answer is friendly, informative and specific, you may be dealing with an authentic business opportunity.

When you find an ad for a business opportunity, you need to consider that it may not be a legit opportunity. There are many scams out there. There are things you can look for, though, to make sure that you are dealing with a legit business opportunity.

A Unique International Business Opportunity

When a fledgling entrepreneur considers venturing into an
international business opportunity and decides to research
the available opportunities, perhaps using Google or one of
the popular search engines, very little information is to
be found. In fact the term “business opportunity” yields
approximately 250 thousand search results, “home business
opportunity” yields approximately seventy thousand search
results, “network marketing business opportunity” yields
slightly over one thousand results and “international
business opportunity” is just about equal to “network
marketing” in terms of search results.

It’s obvious that
there are hundreds of thousands of individuals interested
in a “business opportunity”; however, by far the majority
limit themselves to considering more conventional or
perhaps “vague” opportunities. This article will propose a
broader look at available opportunities and in fact will
consider a unique, if not compelling look at an
international business opportunity and more specifically a
generalized network marketing international business

Before delving into international business opportunity
specifics, let’s take a look at the cultural and
technological developments that have come about in the past
15 to 20 years that make it possible, and perhaps even
desirable, to consider a more global view when approaching
a new business opportunity. Tremendous strides in
communications technology brought about in a large measure
by the development and astronomical growth of the Internet
have made instantaneous communications with a prospect,
client or business associate not only simple but very
inexpensive. The advent of email, audio/video conferencing,
and VOIP (voice over internet protocol) phones have made it
as easy to contact the person next door, as the one down
the block, in the next state or on the next continent .

Indeed because of these strides in technology it is
possible to combine the “business opportunity”, the “home
business opportunity”, the “network marketing business
opportunity”, and an the “international business
opportunity” into one all encompassing global business that
is operated out of a home office with a computer and broad
band internet connection with little else needed. To be
entirely correct, there are already a small number of
leading edge companies that are operating in just this
manner with all of the tools in place to operate
nationally, internationally or globally.

While it is not the intent of this article to make specific
international business opportunity recommendations,
consider as an example a business using a model of
operation commonly referred to as a Funded Proposal or a
Generic Funded Sponsoring Franchise System. The Funded
Proposal, in a pure sense, consists of three parts: the
Funded Proposal, secondary sales, and a primary business
for long term wealth generation. Many businesses using this
model, market an information product such as an ebook,
course, or seminar that they sell to first qualify
prospects and to generate income to fund their future
advertising in building their business.

The secondary sales, sometimes referred to as back-end
sales, can be products, services, or tools that are an
integral and fundamental part of the operation of the
business as well as to further enhance the income generated
by the business. It’s possible that a break-even or
slightly profitable position can be achieved via the
secondary or back-end sales.

Obviously, the primary business is the most crucial part of
the international business opportunity and must be selected
with great care. There a number of factors that must be
considered carefully. These include: 1. The Company must
have unique products that serve multiple different market
categories and appeal to the masses. 2. The company must be
stable, must have been in business for a minimum of 15 to
20 years, and have the ability to generate long-term sales
and income. 3. It must have a system that is simple and
duplicatable for product marketing and delivery. 4. The
Company management must have been successful business
leaders and have a vision for future growth. 5. The Company
must be global. 6. It must payout at least 50% of sales,
offer unlimited depth within the compensation plan and must
offer meaningful Fast Start Bonuses. 7. They must give back
globally and have a vision of making an impact on the world
in a positive manner.

In conclusion, given the correct business model along with
a well thought though plan or vision for success, the
extraordinary tools that are available today and with
plenty of hard work, it is entirely possible to start a
successful business with a minimal investment. That is not
to say that there will not be obstacles and disappointments
along the way, but regardless of the choice, whether it be
restricted to one’s home town, whether it be a network
marketing business opportunity, a home business
opportunity, or an international business opportunity
there’s little doubt that one exists which will fit your
desires and expertise, but make sure that you do your
research and that your selection is based on a sound
business model and well thought out plan.